The best street in Amsterdam

Sometimes when I need inspiration for a blog, I look through my old photos to see if anything strikes me. More often than not there’s nothing there, I don’t really take pictures much. But recently I found one I took from Amsterdam and it’s just great.

It’s a photo of the best street (actually just the sign) in all of Amsterdam:



Don’t you wish you lived on boomstraat? What a place to be. Whenever anyone asked your address you’d be all “BOOOOOOOOOMstraat” and you’d look mega cool. Don’t even pretend you wouldn’t want to do that…

There’s also a house you can visit which housed the ten Boom family. What a great last name!

The house is called the Corrie ten Boom house and it’s been turned into a museum. The ten Boom’s were Christians in a little town called Harlem near Amsterdam during the 2nd world war and they hid Jews and resistance members from the nazis. You can take a tour of the house and see the hiding place and where the ten Booms lived.

We didn’t actually get to do that though as we arrived when it was closed. I’ve heard the tour is cool though.

Regardless, ten Boom = great name, and boomstraat = best street you wished you lived on.