The best reason to not ride a cow

cow fence

Whenever I see a situation like the above, it leads me to believe that in a time of dire need, I could definitely ride a cow.

Like if some weird criminal held me at gun point and asked me to do it – or if I was held captive in a village where their sport was cow racing and they made me compete for my release…

In those sorts of situations I think I could do it.

They look pretty docile animals – like they wouldn’t even notice if I climbed onto their back. I imagine they would just keep wandering around and eating grass – not even knowing that I was catching a free, wonderful ride.

In the photo up top, they are even standing next to some helpful steps. Whenever I see that situation, I’m always tempted to give it a go.

But thanks to the wonders of the internet, I now know this to be a bad idea.

Because what I have only imagined, someone else has actually tried.

Take a look at this…

best not ride a cow

Discovery requires experimentation

It’s not like how I pictured it at all – I never knew cows could buck people right off their backs.

Thank you, brave sir, for showing me how wrong I was.

Of course you can train a cow to carry people – just like you can train a horse. But I think that takes the fun out of it.

I can no longer think of all cattle as potential emergency transport… It’s sad but at least I know the truth.