The best thing to do with signs

Signs are there to be useful. They help us get from A to B and us know we’re in the right place. They give guidance when needed.

However, they can become a bit too normal and a bit too everyday, we see them all the time and they never change. So what can we do? Put a bit of extra writing on them.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating graffiti, but if you see a “To let” sign down your street you just know it’s crying out for an ‘i’.


And for those signs which have already been tampered with, well, they’re pretty funny. Take this one in York for instance:


It actually made me more attentive to stop and conscious of what was going on around me (despite also taking a picture at the time).

Or how about a few other gems from around the world:

The “make sure you check if anything’s behind you before going into the ‘no entry’ area”

Street sign graffiti 1

The “HEY! Give me my line back”

No entry sign - Street Graffiti

The “headbanger”

Street sign graffiti 3

The “you were going on a journey anyway so…”

Street sign graffiti 4

No words.

Street sign graffiti 5