The best wildlife photo



I love this picture of a polar bear caught by the first light of the day. I like it because it looks like a painting, but it’s not.

I like that at first you think it’s just a cool orange line and then you realise there’s a bear in there.

I like it because I can imagine how early the photographer – Miguel Lasa – had to get up to take the picture. And I bet getting up in the Arctic is worse than getting up in other places.

Sure it’s heavily edited, but I like that too. Authors edit, painting is essentially editing with a brush, so when a photographer decides to ramp up the contrast on his cool picture, I’ve got no problems.

I think this is my favourite wildlife picture ever actually. There are hundreds of incredible ones, but you can’t sit on the fence your whole life.

So this is the best one.

The wildlife photographer of the year is an excellent competition.

I don’t care who wins it, I just really like looking at the photos.