The best way to deal with unwanted toys

The title is only tenuously linked to this post, largely because what I want to show you is not a best thing at all. It’s quite a sad thing. But, I find it really funny.

Over Christmas we get presents and we love to play with those presents. If you’re a child you get to use all your shiny new toys and if you’re an adult you get to look at those kids with jealousy, secretly wishing you had a new Scalectrix set to call your own.

However, sometimes toys have different ideas. They have a mind of their own. And that’s when catastrophes, such as this one, happen:

Funny fairy toy

Poor girl. All she wanted was a happy Christmas, gaining joy from the new flying fairy she had lovingly been given, and instead she’s faced with one of life’s harsh inevitabilities: death.

The fairy looked content, gleefully floating up and down until BAM! enough was enough, she couldn’t take it any more, the fire was too inviting. Quite literally like a moth to a flame.

Funny fairy toy

Before they knew what was happening it was too late.

So remember, when you’re thinking about all the things you are thankful for this year, be glad you didn’t buy this fairy, it only ended in heartbreak.

(And lots of laughs from me)

Funny fairy toy