The best thing to do in Amsterdam


Over Christmas I went on a family holiday to Amsterdam with its canals, history and lots of legal things. There are many activities you can do in Amsterdam, but one which you can only truly experience there. It’s what all the locals do and is potentially damaging to your health.

I’m sure you all know what I mean.

That’s right.


Cycling is really big in Amsterdam. There are bikes everywhere. You cannot walk down a street without seeing bikes locked to anything and everything. In fact, there are more bikes than there are residents living in Amsterdam.

Bike parking lot

One of Amsterdam’s insanely crowded bike parking lots


You might think this would make it a haven for city walkers. Unfortunately you’d be sorely mistaken. Bikes are silent assassins, luring you into a false sense of security and then colliding straight into you because you were distracted taking a picture of a building.

It’s not much better if you’re cycling either. Everyone makes the assumption you know what you’re doing which is a dangerous thing to believe. They also have the mysterious ‘four-way go’ rule, it’s like the four-way stop at an intersection but, as the name suggests, you just keep on pedalling. It’s fine. It works itself out in the end.

You might be thinking this doesn’t sound like a best thing at all. Well you’d be wrong, because it is fun, just slightly terrifying.


Doooooon’t craaaaaaaasssssssssh


Whilst we were there, my Mum and I rented bikes and I decided to go for a fixed gear bike where the only way to stop was by pedalling backwards. This lead to my reaction time decreasing by 10 seconds as I panicked and desperately tried to understand how to brake. Definitely nearly crashed into people, trees, buildings and cars.

But the real best thing to do in Amsterdam comes in the form of a competition. It’s simple, take the best cycling selfie. You might be against the selfie but maybe make an exception just this once.

Here’s my entry:




It accurately reflects how I felt throughout my cycling trip.

Terrified. Concerned. Alive.