New year, new look

Steve staring

Intense… like a perfume advert

Hey… Happy New Year everyone.

We thought we’d try out this new blog design to complement the newness of the year – it’s a free template and we think it’s at least a bit better than the old yellow notepaper.

Though I will definitely miss that a little.

I tried to make a header so bad that Steve would simply have to change it. Time will tell as to whether I was successful, but I think his stern, highly stylised face will provide some motivation for us actually to do some proper blog photography.

It’s not like we never see each other or that we don’t own a camera – we just need a kick in the right direction.

Anyway, be nice about our change of style.

It’s like when facebook changes… you hate it for a while but then you don’t mind it and then it changes again and you realise you loved it.

It’s certainly not perfect but if we grow to hate it, it will be gone.

I’m sort of hoping it stays though. It looks like semi-organised chaos on the home page and it’s pretty similar to before when you click on a post.

I like that.

Best things start again tomorrow. I’ve got two ideas written on a post-it note already.

We’ll find out what Steve has got tomorrow.