The best trick Coca-Cola has ever played on us

Has this situation ever happened to you when you go to the bar to ask for a drink:

“May I have a pint of Coke please?”

“Sorry, is Pepsi OK?”


“Guys. Seriously. Why are you messing with me like that?”


If I worked for Pepsi, I would die a little inside whenever I heard that.

The biggest trick Coca-cola has ever played is making us believe the brown, sugary liquid is called Coke when, in reality, it’s called Cola. It subconsciously gives Coke the edge over Pepsi because we’re always asking for it in one way or another.

The phrase “is Pepsi OK” makes you start to think that Pepsi actually might not be OK, that there may be something seriously wrong with my decision to go for Pepsi. It seems akin to asking for a Blu-ray disc and someone attempting to give you a DVD instead – you know you probably won’t notice the difference but you feel you’re getting an inferior product.


Taken from Honest Slogans


However, I’m sure it wasn’t Coke’s fault that we ended up talking this way, it’s simply the result of them producing a far more popular drink. It also sounds way cooler to ask for a Coke than to ask for a Cola. I imagine the only people who ever ask for a Cola are actors in a period drama set in the Wild West, otherwise, no-one says it.

Another big trick Coke played on us all was to turn Santa red (he used to be green), but that’s not too important. That’s only impacted millions of children’s perceptions of this holly-jolly man. No biggie.


I’m not going to lie, he definitely looks better red. Green makes him look a bit radioactive