The best graph for men to be proud of

Well done, men.

Well done, men.


The Darwin Award is the sort of award that is funny to laugh about behind closed doors, but in in the light of day  leaves me a bit conflicted.

That’s because it celebrates people who die in really weird ways. It’s very funny but when you take a step back you realise that this is still death we’re talking about.

An example would be that in 1995, someone won a Darwin Award for trying to fix his truck while it was moving. He got his friend to drive while he clung on to the undercarriage to try and identify what the rattling sound was.

It didn’t end well.

There’s plenty more you can read.

But whether you find these funny or not (which I think I both do and don’t in equal measure) you surely have to be interested in that graph up top.

282 male winners, 38 female.

That is striking.

This all supports something called Male Idiot Theory which is rather cuttingly described as so…

The Male Idiotic Theory (MIT) stipulates that the reason men are more prone to injury and death is simply because they are idiots and idiots do stupid things.

Thanks, Science, you sure know how to make a chap feel good.

But I think that’s all part of the negative aspect of male idiocy. It’s very valid criticism but it’s only one half of the story.

It makes me think of this quote I heard recently…

what is the point


It comes from a man named John Green and I think it speaks some truth.

If I’m honest though, it’s not the gender issues that interest me in all this. It’s that balance between idiocy and caution.

Because if you get it wrong one way you might die fixing a moving truck, but if you get it wrong the other way you might never have a story to tell in your whole life.

We’ve got to strike that balance, walk that tight rope.

If you’ve had lots of self-induced near-death experiences lately – maybe take a step back, accept your idiocy and compensate for it.

More likely though, you won’t have taken any risks in a while and it’s time to attempt something remarkable.


Just make sure you don’t cut your own head off with a chainsaw – something that one Darwin Winner (1996) did in a manliness contest with his friends.

He won the contest, lost his life and got the balance between idiocy and caution way wrong.

Like really really wrong.