The best vegetarian offering as told by dinosaurs

I respect vegetarians. They sacrifice so many tasty things, often for moral reasons. It could be they dislike the idea of eating Joey the lamb or Florence the cow, or it could be they feel strongly about the world’s resources and that vegetarianism is a helpful solution. I’m not sure.

However, I struggle when thinking of vegetarian things which are delicious, something which I would actually choose over a meat option. And this is why I think this coaster sums up the relationship between meat and non-meat eaters so perfectly:


It brings to the fore an incredible vegetarian product, hummus. The positives of hummus are numerous, primarily that it is delicious, but also that it is a faithful friend of bread. If anyone says let’s go for a picnic, all you need is a loaf of bread, a tub of hummus, some crisps, a Babybel or two and your day is set.

I’m also very pro-falafel. Basically, any derivative of the humble chickpea is fine by me, shame I don’t like the chickpea itself.

Anyway, this fantastic representation of herbivores comes from the mind of Gemma Correll and I find it pretty darn hilarious. She’s done some other cartoons and they’re also good such as this delightful explanation as to why it rains:


They’re great and they make you think. Do you even consider the cloud’s feelings when you say it looks like an ugly face? RUDE!