The best thing to remember when deciding who is better – Messi or Ronaldo



There are two footballers who are footballing way better than other footballers right now.

How’s that for an opening sentence?

They go by the names of Lionel and Cristiano, Messi and Ronaldo. At the weekend, Ronaldo scored a hatrick, so Messi responded with a hatrick the next day. Midweek, Ron got 1 goal so Lio decided that he should also get 1 goal.

Those sort of stats are the reason it’s pretty hard to pick between these two. Ronaldo has more goals this year but Messi has a better all time goals-per-game ratio.

Ronaldo puts incredible power and weird movement on the ball which makes keepers do things like this…

Super embarrasing

It’s bad goalkeeping but impressive butt bounce

Where as Messi is more about accuracy and close-control dribbling that makes defenders just sort of run into each other…

Messi people falling over


I think I prefer Messi because he does it all without being a monster athlete like Ronaldo – he just looks like a normal guy – and he generally has a less showy playing style.

But to be honest I like them both – they are great entertainment and I think they make each other better because of that rivalry.

But none of this is the best thing to remember when you’re trying to decide who is best. That comes in this article from the Guardian – right near the end.

It’s just a little quote from one of Messi’s Barcelona team mates when speaking about the Messi-Ronaldo debate…


nice quote

Nice phrasing


What Ivan means is the match balls that Messi takes home when he scores his hatricks – which are signed by all the players.

What he says, however, is quite different.

My favourite thing about the Messi-Ronaldo rivalry is that it made Ivan Rakitic say those excellent words.

That’s the only important thing to remember next time you try to work out who’s better between these two.