The best new racquet sport

Have you ever heard of tennis? Have you ever heard of squash? Have you ever heard of padel?

The likelihood is that you’ve never heard of the last one and you think that I’m probably making it up. In fact, it’s squash tennis, the hybrid love-child which has come out looking really cool.

Padel is played in an enclosed court about half the size of a tennis court which looks a lot like this:

Padel court

Essentially the rules are very similar to tennis, with the same scoring mechanism. The ball is like a tennis ball but with a bit less pressure and the racquets are solid i.e. no strings, and the ball can be hit off any of the four walls, just like in squash. This leads to some crazy confusing rallies.

padel racquet

Take this one for instance:


I’ve never played this game but it honestly looks amazing. Apparently it’s big in Spain and parts of Latin America but it needs to extend further, it needs to become big in the UK as well.

There are a few clubs where you can play padel in Britain but unfortunately the majority are in London or the surrounding area. It looks like I’ll have to wait a bit longer to get my padel fix.

If you’ve got time, check out this very long, padel filled video. It’ll be worth your while: