The best type of garlic for people who really like garlic

Do you realise what you are looking at here?

Do you realise what you are looking at here?

Garlic is devisive. That’s because it is equally as smelly as it is delicious. I’m blessed with an ability to not notice the smell unless someone has wiped themselves down with a leaky Chicken Kiev or something. So I’m a big garlic supporter.

And that picture above is actually housing the secret of two best things. Firstly the garlic card is the best way to purée your garlic – to make it into a big pile of mush so that the flavour spreads throughout whatever you’re cooking. Sure you get garlic fingers but that’s nothing a steel spoon and some cold water can’t fix.

But secondly, that  piece of garlic you can see is the best type of garlic, so long as you like the tasty little bulbs.

It’s actually called single clove garlic – it’s just one joyous clove. The actual size is similar to a 2p coin in diameter – Sorry if you are American or something and me talking about British coins just confuses you more.

The important thing is you get loads of garlic without the hassle of peeling tiny useless cloves that you want to throw away really but that would feel wasteful.

Also it has great novelty value which is something we love on Best Things.

This is how it looks when a professional takes a photo of it…


single clove prof



If you’re wondering where you can buy this magical form of garlic the answer is Lidl.

If you don’t live near a Lidl, or if you don’t know what Lidl is, your next best bet is to go to the mountainous area of the Yunnan province in the far south west of China.

When you get there just ask a local and I’m sure they’ll sort you out.