The best goal this year

Football is a big sport. Like mega big. This year we had the World Cup which is also pretty big. As a part of the world cup, there were a lot of goals, and a lot of good ones at that.

For instance, check out this one from Robin van Persie:

Robin van persie goal

Or maybe even this beast from James Rodriguez:

James rodriguez goal

Both very impressive and I’ve never seen a man look more like a salmon than van Persie. However, in my opinion, the best goal was not during the World Cup this year, nor was it in a top flight league in any country, it was during a match-up between Peamount United and Wexford Youths.

Stephanie Roche’s goal is frankly stunning:

Stephanie roche goal

It’s just brilliant.

She’s been nominated, along with the two other goals above, by Fifa for the Puskas award for the best goal of the season. It’s a public vote and you can choose her goal here.

You should definitely get your voting fingers going because she thoroughly deserves it.

If you need to be convinced, just watch it again:

Stephanie roche goal