The best bad-bad-ironic school photo series

In primary school, me and photographs didn’t get on.

Maybe I didn’t have enough pizazz… maybe it was because they didn’t use digital cameras back then so there was no option for a retake – or maybe it’s a conspiracy and my bad photos benefit the government in some way.

But whatever the cause, I guess I have to thank John Rankin Primary School for taking photos of me – because they really are quite special.

I found them while sorting through old boxes of my stuff and I just had to share.


The first is just a classic bad photo…

They said smile, they never mentioned anything about keeping my eyes open.

Open your eyes, buddy. That’s rule one.


The second reaches new levels of grimace…


The right side of my mouth is trying to run away from my face…



And those first two photos make this portrait seem super ironic



Thank you, kind sign – I’m glad someone believes in me…



I think the third photo was taken at some weird place designed to boost school kids’ self esteems so that they had the confidence to say no to drugs and alcohol.

I’m not sure what to make of that experience actually – on the one hand it technically worked (I’m neither alcoholic or drug addict)… on the other hand I felt like it was utterly pointless.

But either way it played a significant role in the best bad-bad-ironic school photo series there probably ever was…


They said smile, they never mentioned anything about keeping my eyes open.   grimace   amazing


Happy double-post Friday!