The best picture on a coin


I wish it was this face on our £20 notes

In Britain we’re very used to seeing the Queen showing her face. She’s on our coins, our stamps, our bank notes and our TVs, essentially anything which can be used as legal tender. Apparently, if you freeze your TV on an image of the Queen’s head and take it into a shop it has a monetary value of £10. Amazing!

Interestingly, and actually true, you can pay with stamps. I’m guessing their value is simply the cost of a stamp. However, places can reject payment in stamps so I wouldn’t go crazy cashing them in.

Although it is great to see old Queenie on our coins, it’s not too inspiring. On the other side of our coins it’s a crest, which is quite nice and patriotic, but is lacking a certain something.

Instead, I much prefer the Indian approach. The One Rupee coin is incredibly simple, it shows its monetary value and a solitary thumb in the ‘thumbs up’ position.


I absolutely love it!

It feels like the coin is congratulating me for owning it. It’s saying “Well done! You have One Rupee! Good Job!”

It knows everything will be OK.

If I’m feeling down, if life isn’t going my way, if I didn’t even make the audition phase of the X Factor, all I need to do is look down at my One Rupee coin and realise that it’ll be all right…I’ve got One Rupee