The best brand partnership opportunity

fish handshake

If you have a business, or a blog, or even a good idea – you’ve got yourself a brand. If you are a little way along the process, you probably have a brand name.

And the things you do under that name all combine to create your brand identity. Anything from the colours you choose on a logo, to the way you talk to potential customers – it all adds up to turn your lifeless idea into something with personality, something that people recognise.

Saying all that, me and Steve are not even nearly experts at this. The reason you have a brown and yellow website in front of you is because anything involving colour or font choices fills us with fear and dread. If you want an accurate reflection of what Best Things is about, it’s better to look at our words than our colours.

But all this is just meaningless chatter really, in comparison to the fantastic brand partnership opportunity I’m about to give you today.

Here it is…


business opportunity

You and this bin… together forever


Just contact Claire who has helpfully left her mobile number there, in case you were so captivated by this opportunity that you simply had to talk to her straight away.

Good points about this brand partnership opportunity: it’s by the sea, the bin looks new, there’s good footfall around the area.

Bad points: can’t think of any…

When people think of your business, wouldn’t you just love them to remember that beautiful smell of day-old trash?

That’s the smell we try to conjure up in your nostrils when we write our best things.


So now we all know about this chance to enter into a business relationship with a coastal trash can… I guess it’s just a simple race to see who can get to Claire first.

I’ll give you a five minute head start – because I’m feeling kind.