The best way to cheer yourself up after a bad day, with minimal effort

concrete and cars

An uninspiring photo from an uninspiring day


If I walk out of work like I normally do, I see something like that picture above: concrete and cars… brown and grey.

If it’s been a bad day, which sometimes it is, that view is not going to cheer me up even slightly. The other problem is that I often feel tired at these times. I need something simple and easy to get me feeling happier – because I don’t have the energy for anything that smells even slightly like hard work.

I guess it’s fortunate then, that on the same day I took that brown-grey car park photo up top, the sky looked like this:

look up



I took these two photos from the same exact position and the difference is incredible.

Normally I come out of work sort of hunched over a bit, looking at the floor. Sometimes I kick the loose stones on the ground. But when I saw the sky that night I walked the rest of the way to my car looking directly up at the sky.

I must have looked like an idiot a bit.

But the best way to cheer yourself up with minimal effort, after a hard day is to look up.

The sky might offer you that awe-inspiring moment that your day didn’t even nearly give you. It might remind you that you live in a world that is changing and vibrant – with colours and magnitude.

Sometimes I think I live in a slightly-too-warm office with four magnolia walls and a few chairs that you can spin around on.

But the sky reminds me that is not the case.

However sometimes the sky looks like this…

grey sky

Not awe-inspiring


And on those days you probably need something else to cheer you up.

But make sure you don’t miss the good days – where the sky is better than all the art in all the world.

It even works at night actually. Which is why I don’t mind the short winter days so much.



My phone didn’t quite capture it, but I’ve never seen Kingsmill lorries look so good