The best thing about Nigel Farage

I want to start off by saying that I do not support UKIP, nor agree with their policies and manifesto. I am not a fan-boy of Nigel Farage and do not want him running my country.

Now that we’re all clear on that, I’ll explain what the best thing about Nigel Farage is.

Recently UKIP won a by-election for a seat in Rochester which gave them their second MP. Obviously, as the leader of UKIP, Nigel Farage was pretty happy about this.

However, he has a pretty strange way of showing it:

Nigel Farage

Is he in pain? Is he imitating a fish? Is he trying to show us what a black hole would look like?

Have another look:

Nigel Farage

I honestly find this hilarious. It’s such a brilliant face to pull and such a brilliant photo.

It’s not just a one off either. Here’s the same Muppet-esque expression:

Nigel Farage 2

I think good old Nige would be really excellent at the “open your mouth and I’ll try to throw a sweet in” game.

I think he might be angry in this one, I couldn’t say for sure though:

Nigel Farage 3

I don’t think much of his politics but I’m pretty sold at laughing at this face…

Nigel Farage