The best terrible Christmas decorations

Christmas lights

One of the great joys of Christmas is the decorations – and I’m not talking tinsel here – I’m all about the lights. I like the houses that go way beyond expectations – the ones that shine as bright as the sun and use up a year’s worth of electricity each night.

I like it when the city centre is all lit up and you can tell they’ve made an effort to give you something to look at.

But I also like the decorations that don’t go so well. The sort that you might find on – a lone bauble hanging from the ceiling, a small festive sticker placed on your door.

And this year Newcastle city centre has probably the worst, and therefore best, example I’ve ever seen.

There’s a square in this fair city with lots of trees in it and someone had the fairly good idea of covering these trees with fairy lights.

Unfortunately, neither the budget or the lights stretched very far at all…

Here’s what I found:


such beauty

Such beauty




This photo makes me feel so festive


Maybe I’m being harsh… maybe they’ll put more lights up when it hits December.

For now though I am overwhelmed by how underwhelming these Christmas lights are.

Maybe that’s the point?