The best reaction to Sigur Ros

Sigur ros

I hope you’ve heard of Sigur Ros. They’re Iceland’s most popular (based on a survey of me) band and make some outstandingly beautiful music.

If you don’t recognise the name, then you may have heard their song Hoppipolla or its remix Poppiholla and not realised it was them. If you haven’t heard of them or heard Hoppipolla then you definitely need to listen to this song right now:

Essentially, Sigur Ros make epic music. They create soundscapes which take you on journeys through Scandinavian tundra, soaring over fjords, brushing the tops of the trees with your feet. The music is described as post rock and it makes you feel stuff. I realise that sounds stupid, but it does. You feel stuff.

One downside/upside is that you have no clue what they’re singing as it’s all in Icelandic. This can make joining in pretty difficult but it does also mean that you can hear his voice as an instrument rather than understanding the lyrical content. He could be singing about cleaning his toilet but it sounds phenomenal.

I’ve met various people over the years who share my appreciation for Sigur Ros. In fact, yesterday I met someone who says they like to stoke a fire, get a glass of whiskey, sit down and just listen to Sigur Ros on his own. It’s his way of getting the most out of it.


The fire is engrossing just like the music…

However, this isn’t the best reaction to Sigur Ros I’ve ever heard of. Unfortunately I haven’t seen the scene I’m about to describe but my former housemate told me about it and I trust his reliability as a source.

My housemate was at a Sigur Ros gig, basking in the atmosphere, and he caught sight of another gig goer certainly enjoying their time. This gig-ite was dancing, dancing to the stunning music of Sigur Ros. But he wasn’t just dancing. He was weeping.


Dawson weeping

Dawson weeping is the saddest kind of weeping

That is some mad reaction to the music. Granted he may have been on something stronger than a pint of beer but I still love it. It feels surprisingly apt.

Now I’m not recommending we bawl our eyes out listening to Sigur Ros or anything but I like this man’s commitment: how much he was into the gig; how much he was into the music.

Plus, it’s pretty hilarious for the rest of us. If only my housemate had taken a video…