The best Norwegian word

When Norwegians translate the English word ‘bump’ in certain phrases, they say ‘dump’ instead – that’s just what you do in Norway. It’s not quite a direct translation, that works for every kind of bump, but it occurs in two wonderful contexts that really do make it the best Norwegian word.

Even though I’m not convinced it’s technically a word – I think it’s probably just part of a word.

The first instance is quite cute.

Look at this beautiful chap, famous for being one of the Mr Men.


He is such a dumpidump

He is such a dumpidump – way better name than Mr Bump


The second instance is not very high brow. You wouldn’t find it in the Guardian. They certainly wouldn’t laugh about it on Question Time.


But I’m more than happy to show you…



Two things that come from your bottom, on one handy sign


That’s a Norwegian speed bump sign and it’s quite brilliant. It looks like an English 10-year-old got to name it.

And that’s your best things for the day.

Double-post Friday has been completed.