The best way to dance

“Dance like no-one is watching”


What a nice sentiment. It means just to let loose and don’t care about how you look. Just to go with the music, how you would dance if there was no-one else around.

However, I’ve thought about this recently: the way I dance when no-one is watching could be hazardous to other people’s health. It involves some fast arm movements, resembling punching, and some sharp leg jerks, resembling kicking. I honestly think if I did go crazy with my dancing in a club a few people would leave with black eyes, myself being one after I just punched an 18 stone bruiser in the face.

Also, if you ever do dance alone, then you’re constantly aware someone could find you. You do what you think is an awesome move and then look furtively at the door, out the window or into the next room, really hoping no-one saw you. It’s a bit awkward.

So really, dancing like no-one is watching is probably not the best approach. Dancing is meant to be a social act between friends and sometimes strangers, so if no-one is watching then you don’t get the same joy or fun from being with others, you just have a weird old time by yourself.

Instead, I would try this mantra:

“Dance as if you don’t care about being cool”

Because being cool sucks.

Dancing 1

When you’re a teenager it’s all about looking cool. It’s about not making a fool out of yourself. It’s about making sure everyone approves of you. As you get older you begin to realise one thing though: we’re all idiots!

We all say stupid things and do stupid things. We’re all incredibly weird in our individual ways.

If you’re so concerned about being cool, dancing in a way where you just shuffle about because any big movement would draw unwanted attention to you, then it’s really sad. I’ve seen people at clubs like this.

They’ve probably drank more alcohol than I have and they still haven’t got rid of the fact they need to look cool; they don’t seem to be having any fun whatsoever.


So just be ridiculous with how you dance. Get friends around you who are equally ridiculous. If you’re all looking stupid then the people not trying to look stupid will be in the minority and, guess what, that means they end up looking stupid.

I realise this is easier said than done. I enjoy dancing and have a fair bit of confidence in front of others. But my main aim when going to a club or dancing at a wedding is to have fun. I want to laugh at the crazy moves someone is doing opposite me. I want to have others laugh at me because I know I look dumb.

One thing I don’t want, however is to be the guy with the beer on the dance floor, stood there, not even trying, feeling awkward, because they want to look cool.

Just go for it. Although assume other people are watching. As a collective it’s all a bit more fun.