The best way to add deeper levels of fun to your youtube experience

Youtube is fun.

You can watch people fall over or you can watch a lot of cats. There are also other videos – but I got distracted by the first two types and so I don’t know about them.

Over 100 hours of video content are added to youtube every minute – which sounds a weird sort of time travel.

But eventually, you just get bored of all these videos and your craving for fresh entertainment is left unsatisfied, frustrated… some other synonym.

When you get to these moments in your life, you need to do what I did. It’s really quite magical actually.

Find a foreign youtube video that has a caption option, turn those captions on in the native language, then go to settings and ask youtube to translate the captions into English.

That might sound a little complicated, but it can bring you considerable joy.

I decided to watch a German review of the Ipad air. This video actually…

And with my technologically enhanced language skills, I discovered some very interesting things.

Sometimes it makes quite a lot of sense…

nothing creaks because nothing moves



And then it all starts to get a bit poetic, which is still nice. 

open heart


Actually, this translate thing really teaches you a lot about the Ipad’s extra features…

gas water heater

In-built gas heater – classic Apple innovation


luckenwalde hair

I’m not sure exactly what the Luckenwalde hair is… all I know is that I want to keep it forever


But then things start to get a bit weird…

egg I peeled

The egg you peeled?

And then it gets a whole lot weirder…

double click

Excuse me… what?

excuse me....

The friendly German starts to get real creepy


And really the whole video translation experience is summarised nicely by this caption…

mentally confused


And just when you think you’ve had enough, our German friend wins you back with this little self-deprecating goodbye…

I think you want to go

What a great way to sign off – very honest.

So there’s the best way to add deeper levels of fun to your youtube experience.

I should actually warn you that I had to mine through 15 minutes of nonsensical English to find these beautiful mistranslations. So only attempt this if you are feeling very patient… or if you have a blog to write or something.