The best type of orange segment you can ever get

Sometimes we bring you hard hitting stuff – about North Korea or wooing women or… Ok we rarely bring you hard hitting stuff. But today is the opposite of cold, factual news – it’s soft and welcoming actually.

Today is just a tribute to one of life’s beautiful moments.

To those times when you find a tiny orange segment hidden away behind a larger piece. Those little things are truly the most delicious orange segments a person could ever experience. They are juicier, they are citrusier (definitely a word) and they don’t come around too often.


Look at it... shining in the glistening sun

Look at it… shining in the glistening sun


Little fruit is the best fruit. It makes you feel like a giant. It also tastes slightly sharper than big squishy fruit. That’s all the good things I can think of – but that feels like enough.

If you want to understand how I feel about this orange segment, watch how this guy Steven talks about his potatoes. I love these oranges with the same fiery passion.

This is the full episode 1 of the UK Apprentice so skip to 33.31 for the potato speech. It’s really quite special.