The best bird I saw recently

Great spotted Woodpecker

This guy.

I am a birdwatcher. Well not in the sense that I own a pair of binoculars and have some sort of bird bucket-list that I have to complete. But in the sense that sometimes I look at birds.

One time I saw a baby bird sitting on a wall. It looked like one of these things and I just had to stop walking and watch.

That’s the sort of birdwatcher I am – an unintentional one.

The other day I looked out my back window and saw a robin sitting on a tree branch. I like robins because they are on Christmas cards and sometimes they get real fat.

Just a little Christmas weight...

Just a little Christmas weight…


But then I looked a bit higher up the tree and saw the mad looking bird up top. It was tapping the tree with his beak but I thought that woodpeckers didn’t exist in this country so I just assumed it had mental problems.

But then I googled the phrase “red bottom black and white bird” and found out that it was a Great Spotted Woodpecker.

I think that birds are excellent. They fly into your life, hop around a bit, and then they’re gone. In that sense birds are like God’s version of E-cards – they don’t mean a whole lot but they look nice and keep you entertained for a few seconds.

A bird is an experience.

But I guess really what I’m trying to say has already been said.

In this song right here…