The best November aptronym

Aptronyms. They really are great. Here at Steve and Jon best we like to look for them wherever they may appear and today is one of those glorious days.

If you’re not sure what an aptronym is, I will refer you to our previous body of work as well as give a brief definition. It is the word used to describe a name which is incredibly relevant. For instance, if you’re a farmer and your name is Mr Tractor, that would be an aptronym. Recently Jon told us about someone called Mr Booty. I’m not sure if it was an aptronym but for Mr Booty’s sake I hope that it was.

Anyway, I was reading the i recently which contained an article about dementia research. Who was the expert carrying out the research? None other than a Doctor Batty.


This seems fortunate/unfortunate depending on how you look at it.

I’m not sure how politically correct it is to laugh in this situation because dementia is very sad and afflicts a lot of people. However, his name is pretty funny…

So there’s your controversial aptronym of the day: Dr Batty researching dementia.