The best picture of North Korea

North Korea at night

Do you see it?

The top pile of lights is china, the bottom is South Korea. So you would be right if you assumed that the blackness in between, that looks no different to the ocean, is actually North Korea.

The biggest patch of light in that blackness is the capital, Pyongyang. There’s really not much else going on – which is a huge contrast to the neighbouring countries.

But it’s ok – North Korea have invested heavily in their military so I’m sure if they actually needed to see anything they could just shoot their guns to create a bit of light. That’s what I used to do in Tomb Raider when I ran out of flares…

But really the best thing about that photo is that it sums up my level of knowledge of the place. I know small patches of information but it’s mostly blackness.

I hear rumours about this South Korean director who was kidnapped a few decades ago by Kim Jong Il and forced to make movies. Apparently that one is true.

I also hear rumours about Unicorns existing there, or Kim Jong Il hitting 18 hole-in-ones in a row and it turns out that they aren’t true at all. And not only that but it wasn’t even the North Koreans that made them up.

It’s this confusion of facts that makes me identify with this photo. I just have no idea what is going on.

If you’re better than me at reading factual stuff you could always check out this report on North Korea – it’s quite interesting but also really long and a bit boring too. I guess it might get rid of some of the blackness though.


I really love photos taken from space – they give a different perspective. They help me think about the world as a whole, rather than just my little life.

And they look awesome as well.

This is where I live…


europe at night

I can’t be sure though… I don’t often navigate home from space


I think one of our best talents as humans is to make pretty patterns of light, accidentally.

I guess North Korea will catch up on that game eventually.