The best person to share your coke with


This elephant is not to be trusted


Sharing is a lovely thing to think about but in practice it often ends up awkward. For instance, should you share a non-segmented chocolate bar with your friend, if you feel like they are hungry?

And if so, how? Do you give them first bite and then eat the rest ignoring their saliva-remnants? Or do you break off a bit with your grubby hands and offer it to them like a homeless person would to his dog?

If you’re sensible, you probably bought two chocolate bars just to avoid the awkwardness of sharing.

That’s part of the reason why the ‘Share a coke…’ campaign isn’t my favourite thing in the world.

The other part of that reason is that I can never find an appropriate name. It’s always Anita and Shanice – it’s never anyone I am actually friends with. Sure I could share a coke with James but actually I haven’t seen the guy in forever. I think both he and I would find that weird.

But with Christmas coming up, Coca Cola have come up with something quite good -something that makes me want to get behind the sharing campaign.

They’ve done this…


diet coke prancer


I genuinely like this idea. Firstly because Prancer is a funny name, secondly because I didn’t expect it, thirdly because it makes me feel festive and finally…

The most important reason…

I love sharing things with fictional characters. It’s the best type of sharing. It makes you seem quirky and generous but actually you don’t have to do anything. I’m pretty sure reindeer don’t even drink coke.

So the best person to share a coke with isn’t actually a person – it’s a reindeer – a fictional reindeer. You can pick any of them and it has the same effect.

Don’t share a coke with Santa this Christmas though – your parents will steal it. They have a sense of entitlement from years of delivering presents.