The best minor typo

I was browsing the BBC news app recently and I came across this headline:


“Murray on bronk of world tour finals”

I wasn’t really sure what to make of it. What does ‘on bronk’ mean? Was it a simple misspelling or some pun that I wasn’t getting?

Regardless, I realised I very much like the word ‘bronk’ and I believe it should be included in the dictionary. As a result, I’ve come up with some helpful definitions to get the ball rolling:

1) bronk – the noise made when striking a metal bin with a metal pole. e.g. Joe went over to the metal bin and hit it with a metal pole *BRONK*

2) bronk – a dimwitted and unfriendly person. e.g. Joe is such a bronk for hitting that bin

3) the bronk – a dance commonly involving flailing the arms like jelly and kicking wildly. e.g. “Ow! Joe you just hit me with your vigorous version of the bronk”

4) to bronk – snorting while laughing. You know who you are. e.g. Whilst I was watching Joe doing the bronk I started to bronk in laughter

5) Bronk – neighbour to the more popular and widely known “Bronx”, however the residents lead a very different lifestyle, hitting bins, dancing menacingly and snorting, all while acting like complete bronks. e.g. Woah! Stay away from the Bronk, they’re got nasty characters there (e.g. Joe)

6) on bronk (slang) – to compulsively eat celery whenever possible. e.g. Look at Joe eat that celery, he is totally on bronk right now.

If there are any definitions of bronk you think I may have missed then please don’t hesitate to mention them in the comments, I’m not a dictionary after all…

And, if you were wondering, it was a typo and the article was duly corrected:

photo (1)