The best ‘little thing’ for today

Little Red Hat

I appreciate this little hat.

One thing I like about this blog is its ability to celebrate the little things in life, the things which make your day that bit better. We can’t always discover the coolest skyline or the best ways to compliment your wife, but we can bring you the everyday joys, which is exactly what this post is about.

Earlier today I was thinking about how great resealable things are: you open, you close and you keep your food fresh. They are a great way of doing things.


They prevent flies, air bacteria and birds getting at your rice and pasta. Gone are the times of a raven chowing down on your bag of Fusilli, just seal it back up with your resealable tab.

I think my favourite way of resealing is the zip-lock bag method. You know where you stand with the push together seal. There’s absolutely no doubt about the air tightness of your bag. It is zip-locked!

Zip lock


However, one of the saddest types of resealable bags is the non-sticky sticky label. which lies about how it can be used to reseal. They frustrate me. Don’t promise something you can’t deliver!

I’m not particularly particular about my choice of supermarkets, I’m largely of the opinion that quality is fairly similar across the board, but one thing Sainsbury’s does better: their resealable labels. They actually work.

If I open some Conchiglie from Sainsbury’s I can guarantee that resealing it will be a cinch, a bit of Basmati from ASDA however is an entirely different matter. Suddenly the floor becomes coated in a thin layer of spilled grains. All because of a lying label.

I propounded my appreciation of resealable goods to a friend recently and they asked how it compared to upside down ketchup bottles. I thought it was a good question but tricky to answer.


I would like to meet the genius who came up with this and shake their hand. The contribution they have made to society is greater than many of us shall ever achieve…

Both are good. Both are important in today’s world. Both make Steve a happier person.