The best way to get your friends to take you bowling


I have a confession to make: I enjoy bowling.

I’ve been holding it in for long enough and I feel this is the appropriate forum to express my true feelings towards bowling. It’s been a tough road, full of obstacles but I realise now I just had to get it out.

When you’re 10 your friends have bowling parties often followed by pizza, when you’re 14 your friends have bowling parties often followed by pool and video games, when you’re 18 your friends have drinking parties followed by sleeping. There comes a point when you’re just too old for bowling. It dies along with your youth.

So being a 24 year old who still likes to hit the lanes and throw a massive ball at some wood can be tricky, largely because no-one else ever wants to go, they’re off busy doing other things. I’m stuck in the 10 year old phase. I like bowling and I like pizza.


I am 100% not into this. Clearly trying to inject fun into a serious game. What?!

I think I can understand why people don’t enjoy bowling: it can be utterly demoralising, there’s nothing sadder than getting a gutter ball, and it is often filled with 14 year olds glow-bowling with pumping tunes. Bowling alleys also always have this sickly sweet smell and sticky floors.

It’s not a great environment, I get it.

So when I can get my long suffering friends to finally take me to a bowling alley I get mega excited. They’ve filled their quota for a while and they don’t need to feel bad rejecting my bowling ideas for a good long stretch.

But the key question is: how did I do it? Are you like me, always searching for your next bowling fix?

Well, unfortunately, there’s no sure fire way of getting your friends bowling (unless you trick them every time and pay for them) but one way which works mighty well is to use an occasion which comes but once a year: your birthday.


“I wish my friends understood…I wish they would take me bowling…I wish, I wish, I wish”

Throw down the emotional gauntlet and they’ll have to say yes. If you can’t get them bowling for your birthday then are they really friends?!

If once a year isn’t quite enough then pull it out for any occasion; passing your driving test, success in exams or finally removing that splinter which has been troubling you (I once had a splinter for about a week and you cannot imagine the joy I got when it came out – I told everyone who didn’t care in my vicinity).

Basically, you need it to be an event.

I’ve been blessed with friends who know that I need to feed the addiction and they help me with it. For that, all I can say is thank you…