The best movie question to ask yourself today

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This is what you should eat on fridays


It’s Friday which on this blog means a double helping of best things, but for some people, on some weekends, Friday is also movie day.

That might be going to a new release at the cinema, but it equally might just mean pizza, lounge wear and a movie that is probably terrible but actually you’ve watched all the ones you want and now you’re desperate.

I could hit you with recommendations today and tell you exactly what you should see, but I ‘m not going to do that. Part of the fun is the element of risk  – and I’m definitely not here to steal your fun.

But what I am here to do is ask you a question – the best question actually (about movies, today).

Here it is:

What is the best movie that you’ve never seen a second time?

I’ve seen loads of films multiple times – Good Will Hunting, Shawshank Redemption, Forrest Gump, and Inception are some of the good ones.

But I’ve also had repeat viewings of things I didn’t even like that much.

I’ve seen The Proposal 4 times (Oh great, a romantic comedy that’s not terrible – let’s watch it at every social occasion until everybody in the world has seen it).

I’ve seen Hot Fuzz at least three times – it’s funny the first time but not nearly one of my favourites.

And for a time in my life, people could not stop watching No Country for Old Men. It’s pretty good but by the second viewing the complete lack of a soundtrack started to get real boring.

But there are some movies that I really did enjoy, but never quite got round to watching again. And these are really interesting to me.

Especially when you think about what got in your way.

Maybe none of your friends want to see it anymore, maybe you’re waiting to borrow it, maybe you’re embarrassed to watch it again – hey, maybe you just can’t remember the title and you live in the 90s without internet.

The answer to today’s best question reveals a lot about your life, as well as your movie choices. It’s asking what do you regret? What stops you from doing the things you like?

My answer, I think, is Skyfall.

I saw that movie close to opening night and I really enjoyed it. It was exciting, it was funny, it had Scotland in it… why haven’t I seen it again?

Well, I think I’m waiting for the perfect occasion – holding it in my armoury ready to slay the boredom of a night in. I know that sometimes I do have a run of nights in and I eventually run out of recorded TV. It’s comforting to know that Skyfall is there in the background, waiting for the right moment.

I just hope that run of nights in will happen sooner rather than later… it seems like a distant dream at the minute.


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I miss you guys


So what’s your answer to the best movie question today?


And Happy double post Friday by the way. I leave you with news that Steve just cancelled playing squash again – he’s scared I think. He knows how powerful I am.