The best ice cream moment

There is no picture on the internet which shows what I'm about to describe

There is no picture on the internet which shows what I’m about to describe


A best thing happened to me on Tuesday night. It wasn’t on purpose, but it was incredible. It was an ice cream moment of the best kind.

Much better than that time my Granddad sneezed in the ice cream tub. That was not a best thing at all.

But on Tuesday, when we had a bunch of people round for dinner, I made the foolish decision of trying to scoop ice cream with quite a small spoon.

Our proper scoop broke a while ago and a new one seems like a boring thing to spend money on.

As many of you know, small spoon scooping (SSS) can go very wrong because you are going against the natural function of the utensil. You shouldn’t scoop with a small spoon in the same way that you shouldn’t peel carrots with a potato masher.

But on this occasion, everything went very right for me.

I went for the scoop but was met with some quite ferocious resistance from the ice cream. It had only just come out of the freezer but I dug my spoon in anyway and pulled with all my might.

Then it happened.

The pressure I’d built up suddenly dropped as my spoon catapulted the ice cream into the air. We looked around for the inevitable mess and realised that something beautiful had happened. The sizable ice cream fragment had landed in my friends bowl – the one he was holding in his hand.

It had travelled a good three feet at considerable velocity, but everything was fine. I’d served my friend some ice cream… like a pro.


Sometimes the best things just find you, and when they do you better hope you have a blog to write about them in.

Or you could always borrow ours…