The best way to admit that you are, and always will be, weak


This doesn’t look like a best thing

Whenever I think about making a statement, my first idea is always to write it on a t-shirt. Like if I’m hungry, sleepy or angry I would ideally have a t-shirt that said so.

So if you want to get a t-shirt that says “I am and always will be weak” on it… I’m not going to stop you. I’m just asking that you listen to my alternative suggestion first and then decide.

Because this Japanese engineer called Minoru Kurata has invented a trash can that moves to catch the trash you throw at it.


moving trash can

Here it is in action

I think this is just the perfect way to admit not just that you aren’t good enough right now, but also that you never will be.

Instead of learning to aim better, why not spend lots of money on a robotic bin?

A sensor on the wall detects the paper while it’s in the air. The computer works out where it’s going to land and sends that information to the bin – which then rushes to catch your trash. Perfect.

I actually think this is pretty fun though.

I like the way it moves – like a dog playing fetch. I also like how setting up this device is actually way harder than just walking to your bin and dropping the rubbish into it. That all adds to the joy.

But I’ve spoken before about my passion for throwing stuff at other stuff and in light of that, I can’t help but see it as a sign of weakness.

Sometimes though, I just get worn out by the day. Maybe I get some bad feedback, maybe Steve beats me at some sporting contest, or maybe some giant bird poops on my car… like an ostrich or something. At these times it would be nice to just admit defeat and say…

Hey little bin, will you run around and catch the trash I throw at you for a while? I just need a quick win and I thought maybe you wouldn’t mind…

It sure is a super fun way to admit that you are weak – and everybody needs that once in a while.

Here’s the full video of the smart trash can. At about 1.15 the bin actually drops the trash and goes a bit mental for a while.


P.S. Guest blogger Hazel follows us through our facebook page and she plays this excellent game where she tries to work out what the post is about purely from the title and the header image… Would you have guessed it today?

Yesterday, she thought it was ‘Guard cat’ which is an excellent idea. Unfortunately, that concept only really exists as a side note in the 9th paragraph of this weird news article… not quite a best thing.