The best security method

laser security

This is actually an incredibly misleading picture for this blog but it looks way cooler than a key…

This may sound stupid but have you ever thought about keys?

It’s a question you should probably consider because it’s kind of interesting. What would you do without them? How could you own a house or a car?

The only two solutions I have for keeping your home safe without keys are: 1) make sure someone is always home or 2) assume you are stronger than everyone else and roll a really big stone in front of your doorway.

I suppose another option would be to create a series of elaborate traps which only you and your nearest know how to avoid or disarm. Apart from those sensible ideas, I’m absolutely stumped.


A trap! For all those tiny robbers

So what do keys do? They mean that everything we own is safe (mostly) because they’re behind doors which are difficult to open unless you own a tiny piece of sculpted metal.

Think about how small and inconsequential a key is and how useless an unknown key is. In my life I’ve come across plenty of keys whose primary purpose is never uncovered, they just collect dust because we assume they may unlock the doors to our deepest desires one day.

We know that keys are important, that’s why we create such a fuss when we lose them, but we often take them for granted. Our solution to security and privacy is small enough to be swallowed by a cat. That’s pretty cool.


“Nanananana, I just ate your keeeeeeeeeeeeeys!”

I’m not sure what I really expect you to do with these key reflections. I don’t want you to create a key shrine or to look admirably at your keys with a new found love, but maybe, next time you open your front door, whisper a quiet “thank-you” to your small metal friend.

As the saying goes “you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone”, or, in my case, “you don’t know what you’ve got until you’re already late for a job interview and you’re rushing around the house like crazy, asking everyone if they know where your keys are and they eventually turn up down the side of the sofa along with that pound coin you lost and a half eaten chocolate bar so you have to wash your keys off before you can lock your door on the way out.”

Cherish your keys.