The best thing to do if you’re as bad at stuff as this dog is at catching a ball


Look at this.



dog misses ball


Look at it again.


dog misses ball


Does it seem familiar?

Things start off so well – full of promise. You spring off the ground with all the vigour of youth. But you quickly realise that you’ve been too eager. You’re going to miss the target.

You crash down to the earth, welcomed by the familiar thud of failure.

You suck at life, friend.


I think the best thing about dogs is that they are relentlessly enthusiastic. They love stuff so much. If you give them a biscuit, you just know that you’ve made their wildest dreams come true.

You can’t even say the word walk around them. You have to spell it out, otherwise they do this:

walk the dog

This is a dog that is comfortable showing his emotions.

And when a dog makes a mistake, like maybe he runs into a wall or drools on somebody’s tax forms, he doesn’t get upset about it. He just keeps on charging around like an idiot, causing problems and cheering people up in equal measure.

I think one of the worst things about making mistakes is how we act after doing it. Because most of the time we’ve not hurt anybody else – we’ve just damaged our pride.

Like when we turn the wrong way out of a shop and just keep walking for a bit so as to not look crazy.

Or we forget to correct someone when they learn our name wrong and are forever known as Don.

Or we trip over when there is literally nothing we could have tripped on.

I do all these things.

And actually, these sort of mistakes happen all the time. They only hurt when we hold onto some level of dignity that we never really had anyway.

Best to be comfortable being a bit of an idiot… probably.

dog misses ball

Oh sweet idiocy, how beautiful you are to me.