The best way to make anywhere more exciting

Have you been wondering how to make your house more exciting? Perhaps your shop could do with a spruce up? Something lacking from that theme park of yours? What you need is a water feature.

I recently discovered that if you include running water to pretty much anything it gets a lot more interesting. Take a cliff edge, add a river and a waterfall and you’ve got a feature people will come from miles over to see. Imagine if Victoria falls was actually just a really high cliff face – snooze-fest – but it’s not and people flock to it.

Victoria falls

And this isn’t just for nature (although there are few situations where nature would not be improved with running water), it can also apply to the buildings all around us.

A while ago I visited the Guinness factory in Dublin and the first part of the tour takes you on the journey of the Guinness ingredients. You wander past the barley section and they have barley there. You think “hey, I don’t often see barley so good on Guinness for educating me.”

Next you see some hops and you go “what on earth are hops?! What a weird name for something which creates beer.” You see a few other stations and you begin to think “I know Guinness must have water in it but what can they do to show water, I see it all the time”. How naive you are.

You turn the corner and are greeted by a large waterfall with rushing water, roaring at you and looking impressive. It reminded me of Disney.

However, it’s not just waterfalls which are great, any water feature is cool. If your house has a water feature then it’s already better in my eyes.

Water feature 1

The sound of water moving is relaxing, it can calm the soul. It is also an active ornament. So many of the things we have in our houses are passive, they just sit there and do nothing. You have to engage with your paintings for them to make a real difference, your photos don’t talk to you, but a water feature will trickle away. It’s doing its thing. It feels like there is life there even though there is none.

You can even kill two birds with one stone and get a water feature which could easily double as a shower:

Water feature 2

Finally, if you desire the water feature of kings, the jewel in your crown of water features, you undoubtedly need the water swing:

Not only does it “print” water as it falls but it also has a swing attached.

That’s fun.