The best new word


Word up! Tell me what’s the word…

I learnt a new word yesterday: petrichor.

I will give you a prize if you can guess what it means before you read the definition.

It is the word to describe that inimitable smell of rain after a long dry spell. The smell we all know on a rainy Spring morning. Its a great smell, however it’s a bit of an ugly word.


I sure do love the smell of ripe petrichor

It doesn’t bear any kind of resemblance (based on my working knowledge of English) to anything which is related to rain. It sounds more like a Transformer. Petrichor would be a Decepticon and transform into a Harrier jet in his spare time. He is pretty dangerous and sounds like a spiky character.

Harrier jet

Petrichor at your service. Petrichor smash!

But the word is still great because it describes something great.

Another word which would be great if it existed would be the word for freshly cut grass because that is one beautiful smell. It’s the smell of summer and harks of younger years where you would engage in pointless grass fights and suffer for the rest of the day with debilitating hay-fever.

Those were the days…

Interestingly, the smell of freshly cut grass is supposedly a distress call from plants to warn other plants of their impending doom. That is, if you believe this mysterious website I discovered. I’m not sure of the validity of their article or the conclusions they drew from it, but its on the internet so it’s probably trustworthy.


There was a lot of anguish caused whilst making this lawn

If the article is to believed then it should greatly impact our views on cutting grass. If grass has ‘feelings’ then we can’t harm it. Who cares if you want to golf?! That grass is crying out and you’re butchering it, you sadist!

The US Open will become an entirely different competition and Scotland’s many courses will soon become defunct. How will the Scottish economy survive that?! Oh yeah…that’s right…oil. Oil solves any economic problem. I forgot…

And on that politically bitter note (sorry Scotland, I don’t really mean it) I hope you have a good double post Friday and enjoy all the smells it brings!