The best theatre-bonus for 25s and under

Two Gentlemen of Verona

“No, you take the dog for a walk – I did it last time!”

Tonight I am going to the theatre to see Shakespeare. I shall spend the entire evening speaking in a posh accent and iambic pentameter. I will get a glass of red wine and sit in my seat with an air of royalty.

All for the price of £5.

The Royal Shakespeare Company is a theatre group which puts on lots of Shakespeare. They’re pretty fancy and their productions are good – one even had Patrick Stewart in it – and they sell £5 tickets for 16 to 25 year olds. It’s an absolute bargain.


Even if you don’t like theatre or Shakespeare, it’s still a worthwhile going along. You get a bit of culture and can act giddy that you got your seats for a fraction of the price of those around you. And, even if you hate the performance, you only spent £5, that’s not going to break the bank.

Shakespeare is confusing and I wouldn’t dream of understanding a Shakespeare play if I hadn’t read a synopsis of it beforehand, but if you decided you didn’t want to do the extra reading, you can still marvel at the sets and the props and the production. They’re bound to be good quality.

Essentially, going along to a play performed by a professional, high-quality stage company for as small a cost as £5 will be money well spent. It’s definitely not meant to be an evening which only the rich can enjoy, it’s not just for posh-oes.


I’m not even sure what’s going on here but you definitely don’t need to look like these guys to go to a play…

I realise plays aren’t for everyone but I’m super-impressed at being able to purchase tickets for so little. It’s great. It will run out soon though. I’ll need to start paying real person prices once I age. That’s sad.

But at least I won’t regret not taking advantage of this. I once went to an opera because it was £5 and I’d never been. It was a terrible show and a terrible idea on my part, however I’m glad I went. It gave me some life experience.


The man in the background perfectly represents my opera experience