The best way to appear more manly

This is the truck of a man.

This is the truck of a man.

Put wolves on things. That’s the best way to appear manly.

It’s not the most effective way nor is it the coolest way, but it is the best way. I saw that truck in the picture above and thought ‘A man drives this truck’.

I also thought it was funny that someone had invested quite significant funds on wolf stickers for their lorry.

But if you don’t have an extra large vehicle, maybe just turn your normal, boring car into a weird wolf-car.


wolf car

It’s not classy, but it’s unlikely a woman did it


And if even that is too much, just get one of those t-shirts. You know the ones I’m talking about.


wolf t shirt

Tell the world about your Y chromosome


You might be saying, “How can you say that wolves are for men? Wolves aren’t inherently manly and gender is not solid like walls.”

Well, it’s not the ferocious nature of wolves that makes me think wolf stickers are manly. It’s more the lack of subtlety, the obvious statement, the slightly desperate attempt to appear macho. That’s what makes me think man.

But there are almost certainly women out there who also wolf-up occasionally.


Like this woman... though she was probably paid to wear that.

Like this woman… though she was probably paid to wear this.


I haven’t done any research, but I’d guess that 90% of all wolf merchandise is bought either for or by a man. That’s a Best Things guarantee.

So if you want to appear 90% manly – while losing out only on style, money and dignity – all you need to do is put wolves on things.

Put wolves on all the things.

Also, I should point out that you get to keep your dignity and your sense of style if you put a real wolf on things…


Wolf on train - much better!

Wolf on train… much better!