The best office hack

A lot has been made of life hacks recently. They are small modifications which will make your life a whole lot better. For instance, take this straw rising stopper idea:



But what is the best office hack to improve your life? There are plenty of them around. Could it be this inventive use of Bulldog clips:

Bulldog clips hack

Or how about this clean freak sellotape idea – use it to get all those itty-bitty disgusting bits which get stuck in your keyboard:


Perhaps the cereal box cut out to enhance your drawers fills you with joy:

Cereal box drawer

Unfortunately, all of these office hacks aren’t the best. They’re good but not quite right. Ultimately, what is the worst thing about work? It could be all those untidy cables but the likelihood is that it destroys your soul by having to work each day for something you probably don’t believe in and is unsatisfactory.

Essentially, working is a bit sad.

So what do you need? You need to be cheered up and have a brighter day. Which is where the very best office hack comes in – it’s so easy that you only need to pop down to your local craft store and pick up one item.

Googly eyes.


These things are AMAZING!

Googly eyes bulldog clips

You can put them on anything and immediately the object is hilarious. They add a bit of jollity to your desk and bring happiness which is often missing in the workplace. They will help you get through the day: when your boss is yelling at you and you’ve not performed as well as you would like on that key project, just look at your stapler with eyes.


100% cheered up.