The best thing to appreciate today

Lots of people will tell you that you should appreciate the things you have in life. And sure, that’s an important skill to learn. But what if today you are just not in the mood for that?

Or what if if you’ve forgotten what you have and you don’t really feel like trying to remember because you’re on the internet, reading this blog, deliberately avoiding doing useful things?

Well I have the perfect solution for you…

Don’t appreciate what you have. Appreciate raccoons instead.

Why? Because they are excellent. Not only do they have a double C double O combination in their name (if you can think of any other examples of that letter combination, feel free to show your brains in the comments) but also they are brilliant in other, less boring ways.

Here’s my favourite GIF to start off your raccoon appreciation…


Raccoon versus Cat... only one winner.

Raccoon rule 1. If you move slowly no one can see you.


It seems like raccoons really like food. In fact, I think they love it with their whole hearts. If we gave them any money, they would spend it immediately on ice cream or dry cat food.

Teaching them sensible finance management would be difficult, but taking them out to dinner would be easy.

Look at this raccoon eating grapes like a fancy lady…


Ok, maybe not that fancy a lady

Ok, maybe not that fancy a lady


And look at this… Cat Vs Raccoon part 2 – this time he exchanges his stealthiness for a more smash and grab approach.


racoon appreciation

Is that a victory dance he’s attempting?


Are you starting to appreciate yet?

Maybe this raccoon kissing a dog will help… I think if we put this GIF in soft focus, it would work well as a perfume advert.


racoon 2

Eau de Raccoon – the fragrance of gentle touching


Still not appreciating? Here’s two more to force the message home…


racoon double surprise

This feels like some sort of theatre production…


racoon babies

… and this is what raccoon babies look like


Ok, now I’m starting to run out of ammunition. But You can hunt for more excellent raccoon GIFs in the same place I found these ones.

Or you can just look at this raccoon playing the sprinklers like it’s a giant harp.


racoon sprinkler harp

He was born with music in his soul


Now that you are true raccoon fans (right?), be warned that these animals are actually really annoying. Apparently they’re always going through your trash and generally being jerks to whoever they meet. They also carry rabies and love to bite…

I guess it’s good that today we are appreciating from a distance.