The best Where’s Wally question


Where’s Wally? A classic game we all played as kids. It killed the time on many car journeys, making the hours pass as if they were never there, and it was always a useful way of distracting a child.

The keen ones went searching for Wally’s walking stick, his hat, evil Wally and all the other characters in his wonderful world. I, myself, would find him and then move on, my job was done.

But I recently saw a picture which turned Where’s Wally on its head. It made me think…

photo (4)

I’ve spent all these years trying to find Wally that I didn’t even consider why he was hiding. If a grown man has a propensity to lose all of his worldly possessions and consistently hide from his friends then I would argue that he has something of a problem.

Which is why this cartoon is so important. No-one ever asks “How’s Wally?”

As much as this is a lovely and light-hearted drawing playing on the classic child’s game, maybe take a moment to think about the Wally’s you encounter in your life. They could take the guise of someone looking lonely or even someone who is always smiling. It’s easy to hide when everyone thinks you’re OK.

Perhaps your friends hide behind their image, maybe they don’t like how they look so they dress in silly clothes and call themselves hipsters.

Hipsters need friends too guys. If they don’t have anyone then who’ll marvel at their poor taste in facial hair and bands no-one’s heard of?