The best type of bike lights


This is night time in a Norwegian summer

At night it’s dark. That’s not a surprising thing. We usually expect that (unless you live in Scandinavia in the summer and you’re blessed by the midnight sun). And cyclists will need to use bike lights.

In the past I’ve found bike lights infuriating. They’re often chunky, non-transferable because you have to have a special attachment of some kind and run out of battery when you least expect it.

But don’t worry! I’ve found the solution! Probably the keen cyclists amongst you will also know this solution, it’s not revolutionary. It’s small, easily attachable LED bike lights.

photo (3)

They’re stunning. Photo taken with all the skill of an eBay seller.

They don’t run out of battery quickly, an LED bulb uses very little energy, and they’re super bright. They’re also very portable and they often don’t need a special attachment. This is the key point because a whole load of LED lights still need you to use a screwdriver to put on a bracket. That’s sad.

It’s basically like someone read my list of moans and then created bike lights to combat it.

My versions make me happy. Every time I attach them to my bike with ease I get a sense of joy. Part of me wants to use my friend’s bikes so that I can show them how well my bike lights also work on theirs.

Like I say, this is nothing new, nor is it particularly spectacular, but it is important. It’s these small things in life which, when added up, can equate to joy.

If you do want some revolutionary bike lights and would like to be seen from the side by cars, then I would recommend purchasing some Revolights. They’re super cool and you’re super visible from all angles.


Oooooooo. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh.

If you don’t want to be with the trends and want faded, difficult to see lights, I would go for one of these:

Old bike lights

They’re super chunky and disappointing and not really on sale any more. They’re vintage. Hipsters will be salivating at the pure notion of this…