The best carpuccino

A coffee powered car...

A coffee powered car…

Sometimes something seems like it’s a best thing, but it’s actually not at all a best thing. This coffee-powered car fits exactly into that category.

It sounds sort of unusual and quirky – and sure you don’t see it very often. But then you realise it’s actually a terrible idea and the best thing about it is its nickname – the Car-puccino.

Because although it’s fun to power your car with coffee and drive it from Manchester to London, it’s just not quite good enough. Especially since they built it for a TV show (Bang Goes The Theory) – because that raises the bar. If you’ve got a TV budget you need to do better – like teach a team of monkeys to do the Swan Lake ballet routine.

The main reason this coffee car fails to impress is the numbers – they are pretty bad. Let me show you by using this pretty shoddy infographic I just made…


You've just been infographed.

You’ve just been infographed.

Add to that the fact that you have to stop every 40 miles to change the coffee filters and you’ve got yourself a pretty terrible car.

So well done, Bang Goes The Theory, you’ve made both coffee and cars worse. And what theory were you focussing on that week anyway? I’m a firm believer that if you take the usefulness away from science, you just end up boring me for no reason.

But all this leaves us with one very important question: what is the best Carpuccino?

Well for that we need to shift the hyphen one to the right – because the Carp-uccino is way better than the Car-puccino.


Look at it... magnificent!

Look at it… magnificent!


Ok, I’m not pretending that fish garnish on a cup of coffee is a good idea – I’m just saying it’s a better idea than that coffee-powered car.

And that makes it the best thing for today… well this and Steve’s bike lights.

Happy double-post Friday!