The best fire extinguisher uses

Most of you will be aware of the fire extinguisher. They’re a staple in many offices and even some homes. A great invention to put out fires but they are also very versatile.

Here are some examples of uses for you to consider the next time you see a fire extinguisher:

The elaborate fire extinguish

Put out fire

Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned but we somehow get there in the end…

The broomstick

Broom stick

I’m really not sure if this is real but I sincerely hope so. Harry Potter eat your heart out

The “dizzy-maker”

Chair spinning

“You spin me right round, baby right round”

Winning an argument

Friend fire extinguisher

You’ll never lose one again.

Use it to test your strength

Practical joke

She definitely needed to go for the wide base with her feet.


Party fire extinguisher

I wonder what they did when the fire extinguisher ran out. Probably didn’t party as hard.

The Bernice method for dealing with second hand smokeBernice 1Bernice 2

She got TOLD!

Finally, not a fire extinguisher but a fire extinguisher grenade…

Fire extinguisher grenade

Be honest, this is MEGA cool!