The best map innovation


This is a map. You should probably know that.

I’m not sure at what point in my life it happened but currently I really like maps.

I like looking at them. I like pouring over them. I like people putting pins in them. I like that they make the world seem so small. I like that you look learned with a map on your wall.

But, most of all, I like looking at the places where I’ve been and the places where I could go. You get a lovely hit of nostalgia mingled with future hope – it’s a potent and exciting mix.

Which is why I think the ‘Scratch Map’ is a brilliant idea. We all know scratchcards which have that weird silver stuff (what even is that?!) covering up our potential retirement fund, well they’ve gone and put that on a map. This means that whenever you’ve been somewhere, you simply scratch it off. It’s like having a big, visual tick list of countries.

Scratch map

This person has been on a bizarre collection of travels. Jealous of their visit to Brazil though.

On most of the scratch maps they also come with a handy collection of monuments to visit and phrases which you may have encountered. They’ve created this cultural profile which you need to slowly make your way through and then you will become the ultimate traveller – they have award ceremonies and everything.

These maps come in a variety of shapes and sizes, covering different masses of land. I currently own a scratch map of Europe, there’s the one of the UK divided into counties (not countries), one of the US states and, the original, a map of the world.

They are an absolute must for anyone who considers themselves a traveller and would like to publicly display their conquests for the world to see. It’s a subtle way of starting the conversation that you’ve travelled A LOT. One which you really enjoy having and the other person seethes with jealousy.


This is frequent guest blogger Hazel demonstrating envy. That’s how I feel when a traveller tells me all the places they’ve been

Anyway, Luckies of London, the original scratch map creators, were absolute geniuses. This is the innovation the map world was crying out for and they’ve successfully delivered something to be proud of.


At this point I would like to say thank you for reading this post despite their being much more important news on today. At the point of writing this I don’t know the outcome of the Scottish independence referendum but I hope we remain united – I’m still to try a deep fried Mars bar before they shut the border for goodness sake!