The best Michael Buble photos

buble velociraptor

Let’s not pretend that Michael Buble has a normal name. It’s a silly name. It sounds like a french person trying to say bubbly, or a type of wrestling move you can only do if you’re a woman.

Really what I mean is that there are not many surnames with the word boob in them, so when one comes along it has to be celebrated.

But that’s not nearly a best thing, it’s more a mildly amusing thing that everyone knows about.

What fewer people know about though, is this Tumblr that just shows pictures of Michael Buble being stalked by a velociraptor

Take a look at that top photo again and you’ll pretty quickly see the velociraptor in the background. In fact, if you didn’t see it first time, maybe you have to give up that dream of being a photo analyst. You don’t have the skills required.

What’s great about this website is that firstly you can play a sort of Where’s Wally game – find the velociraptor and win the ultimate victory – but secondly, and most importantly, there’s actually no explanation of what’s going on.

No story behind why the velociraptor is there, or what the inspiration was behind this project. There’s a link to the Wikipedia page for velociraptors and then there’s a link to the Michael Buble website. That’s all.

That means we get to make up the story behind the images. Nobody tells us what to think.

I personally believe that Micky is a criminal and the velociraptor is trying to track him down and lock him away for good. Secret velociraptor police force – that’s definitely something I could support. Really though, I just want to see them wearing police hats.

Now, let me end this best thing with a few more Buble and raptor photos for all those who can’t be bothered to click the link.


Subtle raptor

Subtle raptor


Not subtle raptor

Not subtle raptor


Blending into the crowd

Blending into the crowd, like a pro.


This one is definitely a favourite of mine

Some classy shadow work


That’s your best thing for today – a double portion will follow tomorrow.