The best hob

Gas hob

Gas hobs are AMAZING!

They make food hot when it needs to be hot. Electric hobs don’t do that. They have a delay of about 10 minutes and by then I am pretty bored. I need instant heat.

So when I moved into my new house and found I had gas hobs my heart jumped for joy. It was the first thing I noticed and the first thing I extolled to my friend about the house.

Happy duck


There’s something exciting about cooking with fire: it looks cool and it feels very primal. Granted a gas hob is the product of years of technological invention but its like I’m back in pre-historic times – man makes fire.

Mainly, I love that gas hobs respond to whatever you do: if you turn down the heat then there’s less heat and your pancakes aren’t burned. If you create an inferno on a ring, then your eggs will cook quicker. It feels efficient, unlike electric hobs which are lazy with their reacting.

I think you all need to have a long, hard look at your cooker and see that a gas hob would be better. If you’re re-fitting your kitchen then fight your ‘next-generation’ instincts to get a flawed induction hob and just go for gas – you won’t regret it.